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As a fan of original, quality design, you will undoubtedly find something to your liking in the extensive d&m range.
A range where classic and bold designs combine in a continual interplay of materials, textures and shades.


d&minterieur Kortrijk



D&M and Nightingale bring an experimental concept called 'Antidote 2X19' at Interieur Kortrijk.
Our experimental design installation will be revealed during Biennale 2018

d&mfairs winter 2018

D&M x Interieur


Interieur Kortrijk - 2018 City festival
October 18th - November 4th
St Maarten Hospital Kortrijk, Belgium




Excess water and wet sand find their way into a stylish bowl, at the bottom of each planter in BASE-collection.  Your preferred spot at the window or desk will stay dry, guaranteed.  This collection in black or white colored clay with a transparent glaze is extremely suitable for bonsai-trees.  Equally available as a vase or watering can. Watch film




Add something extra to your dining table with these stylish napkin-rings in ceramic from NIB collection.  Their timeless character is a nice add-on to your cosy evenings with friends.  NIB has a surface with a subtle relief for an elegant finish.  Available in black and white and packed by four in a gift box.